Collection: Personal Care

From the Mother Nature to you. 

Embun Natural provides the complete range of all-natural body care for the beautiful you. Just as its name; Embun means Morning Dew in Bahasa Indonesia, Embun Natural aims to provide the purest & freshest body care products with ingredients derived from the natural goodness of Indonesia’s traditional recipes and combined with the amazing benefits of essential oils.

We are proud to be the exclusive retailer for Embun Natural in Singapore. All products are handmade in Bali with Virgin Coconut Oil as a base ingredient and free from paraben, sulfates, harsh chemicals, mineral oil/palm oil and against animal cruelty.

Our self-care boxes that houses Embun's natural goodness will make a welcoming and lovely gift to anyone who needs some self-care love and pampering, or packing them for your next travel adventure as they are so light and compact, or simply just as a gift for your loved family and friends. 

32 products
  • Body Scrub Sunshine Anti-Aging & Mood Booster
  • Body Lotion Java Princess (Jasmine)
  • Bug Off Mosquito Repellent
  • Shampoo Coconut
  • Rose Water Mist Toner
  • Body Lotion Bali Vibes
  • Body Butter Firming
  • Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Solid Perfume Vanilla
  • Acne Potion Care Box
  • Shampoo Hair Growth
  • Yoga Mist Germs Off
  • Pure Jojoba Oil
  • Pure Argan Oil
  • Pure Sweet Almond Oil
  • After Sun Aloe Vera Mist